The BHB blogger.
The BHB Blogger.
Tuesday, January 13, 2009
ReLink :D

ok i have done settling my emotional problems. now to present to everyone my new blog. Just4Rants!

Monday, December 15, 2008
officially closed on the 180th post.

blogged closed. i found somewhere else to rant.
but i don't want to be link though . if you want to read feel free to ask me on msn. if you don't have my email its

why i stopped blogging here? cuz today is not longer a gift. but tomorrow will forever be a mystery. like . tml you will suddenly tio pang seh. or tml somebody will last minute ask you out. lLarhxszx. roarhorhor.(my new trademark, faster put chop first roarhorhor © 2008 by liu jing )

Thursday, December 11, 2008
not blogging anymore

damn moodless now. thinking about closing this blog. i should. its because im not who i am anymore. i can't say bhb sentence and laugh about it anymore. i tend to to be more reluctant throwing jokes. i've become so aware of my impression on others.

i guess its back to the my first non-corrupted and innocent self. . trying my best to be the gentlemen. and i shall no longer blog about what i do. or what i did. because humbleness is not meant to be told. and nobody credits themselves. self praise has never been a praise.

i'm emo. because its been some time since someone made me thought about myself so much. and i did. and i've made up my mind.

maybe i'll blog. but perhaps anoynamously. somewhere else. definately not advertising it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
recitel 2008

O school recitel is finally over. now im finally free in the afternoons of Sundays. yeah! but it was really a good experience. better than last year. although i swear i wasted my chance to shine with a 4 eight solo. cuz theres no solo this year =(.. (cuz we got frigging 28 people instead of like 12). so no can do. or our performance would be at least 20mins long. if everyone gets a solo part.

But overall i think that everyone improved a lot! everyone learnt from each other and *level-ded up* especially the girls. they came in and all they knew were fresno and waves. now they do it with their own feel (; and emerlyn( darren's sister) is DOPE :O

yeh and also i think the popping group was the most high of all the genre. cuz we were like "singing"(cuz it sucks) our song and doing the routine in the rehearsal rooms. spastic shit. you can't blame us too cuz we love the attention.

but maybe thats not the thing i want to blog about today. i shall blog about security guards. and how they always pretend they have a lot of authority when their just low down dogs. i mean im fine with those who are just trying to do their job. but don't TRY to abuse and end up looking like a sissy. all i did was climb over the side gate which locks at 12am.

and here was the conversation

indian guard : boy follow me to the guard house i need to write down your id
me : dunwant. i want go sleep
indian guard : just follow me to the guard house
me : you call police. if the police bothers to come i follow you and give you my id
indian guard : you force me to do this ah, i ask you nicely you dunwant. i dunwant to create trouble for you
me : call lor. you call now.
indian guard : *takes out phone*
indian guard: just gimme your id la i don't want to create trouble for you
me : dunwant leh
indian guard : you force me to do this..
me : what? you sue me for breaking into my own premises lor.
indian guard : *takes out specs to look at his phone* ( it seems that he doesnt know how to press 3 of the same numbers and then the green button after that )
indian guard : just gimme your name ( before that he wanted to check my ic)
me: writes down JASON.
*walks off happily*

ps. i'm not a racist. he really was a indian guard. and perhaps he might have been the racist one of trying to look for trouble with me.

so if you're working as a security guard? just admit that you're just following orders and maybe we'll be more cooperative. don't fucking try to use authority to scare me. because i know you don't have them. and i know what i am doing. fool.

*edit* damn the internet had problems last night. couldnt post.
but i feel damn lost now with the recital over. no more goals. im not really looking forward to syf cuz i don't like the dance? maybe i should give LOUD crew a look. idk. but it'll be a busy year next year. sigh

Saturday, December 6, 2008

tiring day, tiring sports, tiring games.

Soccer-ded, then basketball-ded, then cycle-ded home-ded, then maple-ded, then dota-ded . what a boring post. actually i dint bball much, cuz the simei sheltered court was taken to hold a competition, ok the match wasnt very exciting so i kinda doze off abit. there was also a buffet for players only? i dint know so i went to take? they dint ask questions until wei hao went.. im a little like. you ppl heightist siol :O but wtthheck free food. but i kinda feel bad now since its for the players. but wthheck there were left overs. and i'm not tall for nothing!

Btw? its HARDD to cycle up a slope while long-pang-ing them. but i think its good leg MUSCLES trainning .

ps. i really don't get what girls are thinking sometimes. im sure most of the other guys think so too. one minute go like omgg. next minute they go like OMG with tears running down their cheeks. (just exaggerating an example) hmm i hope more guys than girls actually reads this. damnit. gotta have more male readers if i wanna actually express my feelings on what i think about girls.

nvm i shall talk about what i think about humans. Humans are discpicable. mind games. when ones able to control all of their emotions, its so easy to lie. hence a lot of the easy scams are usualy more sucessful online, and those face to faced scams? either their sneaky as hell? or the people are just too gullible. *blahblahblahblahblah*

had no idea why i suddenly talked about that. complete random shit. maybe i'll do a proper one when i actually have a vocabular pool not one the size of a puddle.

monday's the big day. tml's the rehersals. so i better rest early.

what the class was doing. rofl. gonna attempt to make everyone do it if we're gonna have a asknlearn stunt by the principle again. damn are we creative or what :O
ps,s eric later on changed his nick to eric J.Einstein. but im too lazy to take another screen shot. and i also cropped in xhs name just to call him gay. Hows all that? :D

The bright headed blogger.

if you let her take me from you..

does the song sound familiar? haha yeh. it sounds the same as Trey Songz - Can't help but wait. i prefer that version though. And i DID used it as my blog song about half a year ago. but now this song pretty much says what i wanted say about a month ago.

8 bucks worth

Went down to Orchard with the guys.. err no wait. not the guys. i went down with .. xh, lok, daph, cat/kat, xm, darren, yun chou(melvin), leslie, damien and er.. i think thats all.

Leslie invited us to some POD (people of destiny) party. Anyone remembers the group of people who dropped by our school last year? hmm. ahwell. at least im sure the 2r5 people does. cuz their PoD instructor was... tsktsk. you people.. :D

Anyway, yeh it was some concert and had like games and prizes. And after a dance performance by the LOUD crew. dunno what happened before that. i got sabo-ded by Catherine/Katherinee and daphene to go up and dance. Then like at first abit pai seh la. and v rush. but i kinda used to love that song!(closer - neyo) so yeh i felt the groove, and i think i dint do too bad.

Then after that photo taking, stupid fools i only said she was cute, don't have to say i want her number :O although i never say i don't wait it either. XD ty la hor you 2. But no im not gonna treat you 2 desert unless something happens kay :O

And i kinda like going out with these peeps. Although sometimes the conversations maybe get obscene AND loud on the MRT.(rofl) faster do a pose for the stompers!

oh yes and we had one picture. its kinda blury on daphne's blog. the guy probably was shaking his hands. or maybe the photo quality dropped. nvm i shall upload it another day. tsktsk till then! (;